Lost and found letters

This letter was written to my father’s who, by that time, had been living in Budapest’s Nepszinhaz utca. It was thrown out of the window of the train taking them to Auschwitz. The letter instructs them how to get prepared should they also get entrained. I was six months old when this letter was written.¬†

¬†Someone actually found the letter and brought it to us in Nepszinhaz utca. Only some fragments remain readable: “…By all means try to leave the child at home – if you must bring him along, bring also a pram…” “I am writing from Komarom, my dear, we are on a train that takes us to an unknown destination.” “… Magdi and Jan … are also with us…, Marta is ill…” “Bring some food and water with you because are not given anything…”

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